Shipping, Handling and Other

Orders are subject to change due to product availability, shipping policy, among other factors.

Shipping and Handling:

Domestic US: 

We don’t sell tobacco products to the following states: Washington, Utah, Maryland, Michigan, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Montana, Maine, South Dakota, Arkansas and Vermont

We need to receive and store age verification documents in order to sell a tobacco product to customers in the following states: California, Delaware

Order is shipped within 1-3 business days. USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground service are our preferred shipping partners. Shipping cost varies from $3.99 to real-time calculated rates, depending on value and speed of each order.

Mainland China 中国大陆地区:

Packages shipped to China are experiencing delays related to COVID-19 of at least 10+ business days. 受新冠疫情的影响,发往中国的包裹正经历至少10个工作日的延迟。



我们也为客户提供国际特快邮寄。我们会选用USPS Priority Mail International(通常1-2周)。价格会由物流提供商实时计算。 


We offer Economy International Shipping to Canada (6-18 business days). Please select Economy International for this option. 

Rest of World:

We offer Economy International Shipping (6-18 business days) or Standard International Shipping through UPS or USPS to customers in the rest of the world. 


We offer discounts on Pipes and other accessories to service members, retired military, veterans, spouses and their families. Please contact us before you place an order.

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