Dreaming Pipes

Esoterica and Germain Blends

Redeem Form

  • Esoterica and Germain blends will be DP Rewards Points only products. 
  • For 2oz tins, you will need 1,899 DP Rewards points. 
  • For 8oz bags, you will need 5,499 DP Rewards points.
  • Each customer can redeem a max of 2 items (max one 8oz bag) every 12 months.
  • Please first check your DP Rewards points balance below, then fill out the form.
  • Items are limited, there is no guarantee that we will be able to fulfill your request.
  • E家和日耳曼的产品将只可以用DP奖励积分兑换。
  •  2oz小盒需要1,899个DP奖励积分。
  • 8oz大包需要5,499个DP奖励积分。
  • 每位客户每12个月期间可以最多兑换2个产品(其中最多1个8oz大包)。
  • 请看下面确认您的DP奖励积分余额,然后填写下面的表格。
  • 产品数量有限,我们无法确保能够满足您的请求。
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