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Cornell & Diehl Small Batch Palmetto Balkan 8oz


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A tribute to the Oriental-forward blends of yesteryear, Cornell & Diehl’s Small Batch Palmetto Balkan is a singular mixture featuring premium, matured Oriental leaf in the form of 2018 Basma and 2019 Izmir varietals, contributing a mellow, tart, and tangy medley of flavors. Mature Carolina Red Virginias deepen the blend and enhance the sun-cured leaf’s natural sweetness while counterbalancing its more sour notes. Lastly, solidifying its tribute to beloved Balkan blends of yesteryear, this Small Batch revelation delicately mutes Cypriot Latakia’s prominent campfire overtones through a special, proprietary process, producing an elegantly balanced flavor profile rich with notes of stone fruits, subtle woodsmoke, and a slightly dry finish reminiscent of the long-lost Syrian leaf that so many remember fondly.

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