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Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Hero Sampler 8-Cigar Pack


The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Hero Sampler 8-Cigar Pack is a premium collection that showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and diverse flavors of the Reserva Real line. Carefully curated by Romeo y Julieta, this sampler pack is designed to provide cigar enthusiasts with a journey through their finest offerings.

Each pack contains eight cigars, allowing smokers to explore a range of vitolas and experience the complexity and nuances of the Reserva Real blend. The cigars feature an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper that has been aged to perfection, imparting a smooth and creamy character to the smoke.

Within the sampler pack, you’ll find a variety of sizes and shapes, including robustos, toros, and churchills, each offering a different smoking experience. The filler blend consists of meticulously selected Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos, resulting in a medium-bodied profile with notes of cedar, roasted nuts, subtle spices, and a touch of sweetness.

With the Hero Sampler 8-Cigar Pack, Romeo y Julieta presents a remarkable opportunity to indulge in a collection of their finest cigars. Whether enjoyed for special occasions, shared with fellow enthusiasts, or used for personal exploration, this sampler pack embodies the brand’s commitment to providing memorable and gratifying smoking experiences.

The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Hero Sampler includes:

4 – Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Toro (6.0″ x 54)

4 – Romeo Y Julieta Reserva Real Nicaragua Toro (6.0″ x 54)


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