Seattle Pipe Club Rainier Levant


Full English Balkan mixture of Latakia, Turkish Orientals, and Red Virginia

Some of Joe Lankford’s favorite old tobaccos were made by the legendary Drucquer & Sons Ltd in Berkeley, California. While the shop is a distant memory, an ancient tin of Drucquer’s Levant Mixture inspired Joe to create his Rainier Levant blend. This is a Latakia lover’s blend with rare complexity. Rainier Levant is redolent with the richest tobaccos. Aged Turkish and Latakia spiced with a bit of Red Virginia leaf. Joe’s homage to Drucquer & Sons is a celebration of days gone by. But you can enjoy it today.

Family: English

Cut: ribbon

Packaging: 2oz tins

Style: Non aromatic

Components: Latakia, Aged Turkish Orientals, Red Virginias

Strength ***

Room Note ***

Taste ****

Rating **** (3.7)

    Weight 3.8 oz
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    Seattle Pipe Club Rainier Levant
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