Seattle Pipe Club Seattle Evening


“Delightful mild English. The pleasure grows as the ash thickens and the sweetness of the leaf develops. Excellent balance, packs great and smokes cool.”

Sunset casts long shadows over the ferry boats of Puget Sound. A cup of good coffee and a fine pipe make this unhurried scene a memory. Master Blender Joe Lankford created Seattle Evening to share our Northwest experience. Rich, smoky, spicy, luxurious. When the sun sets and the bowl is done, do not despair. There will be another Seattle Evening tomorrow. Everyone enjoys this original mixture.

Family: English

Cut: ribbon

Packaging: 2oz tins

Style: Non aromatic

Components: Latakia, Turkish Orientals, Red Virginias

Strength **

Room Note ** mellow

Taste **

Rating **** (3.6)

    Weight 3.8 oz
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    Seattle Pipe Club Seattle Evening
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